Finally! I finally put together the Holiday & New Year baskets! It’s not a huge deal for some, but I tried to implement the practice from previous year’s recommendations, but having the Bundle and putting the baskets together while watching the video got me to the point of being able to have functioning baskets. (I watched 3-5 today) While out running errands earlier this week, I picked up a couple boxes of Christmas cards, and instead of having them floating around in my closet (where a few purchased gifts are hiding), I put them in my Holiday Basket. This will allow me to see them and remember that I will send cards *before Christmas, not at the end of the year…like I did last year…🙄 and the year before😏 I also used Lisa’s suggestions for how to use the slash pockets, and while making the labels for them, went ahead and made smaller labels with those suggestions, and put them on the slash pocket, as well. Not that it’s a difficult thing to remember, but it’s one less thing for my brain to have to remember from one year to the next

Posted by Patti Mroczek at 2022-11-10 20:02:02 UTC