I have just watched day 1 today due to time difference and not having had time for it yesterday afternoon/evening... What I give up for his holiday season is being reactive. I always thought I would not do the Blitz bc we celebrate very low-key anyway and I didn't want the Blitz to take "unnecessary time" from my already very busy life... but I started thinking about the holidays and noticed how the perspective of having decided WELL IN ADVANCE what I would do or not do was already giving me peace. Thus I AM doing the Holiday Blitz for the first time :-) I am excited to see if/how I feel differently during the coming holiday season because of the Blitz work! ! I started by brainstorming my topics for the 5 days bc we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, and we keep everything very low-key food and decoration-wise. No gifts either. I will still watch all the videos, but it will work better for me to spread my topics differently. To encourage anyone struggling with unique circumstances and how to accomodate them in the Blitz, here is what I chose: - Day 1: Family memories survey + Planning specifically faith-related events/memories (Advent - Christmas - New Year - Epiphany) - Day 2: Planning other family memories - Day 3: Food & planning regular household maintenance for that non-routine season - Day 4: Other projects for Christmas week and the first January week (husband off the first week, 14yo on high school holiday both weeks, youngest 4 daughters and I will be on break from regular homeschooling both weeks) - Day 5: same as Lisa

Posted by Anne-Laure Schulze Wessel at 2022-11-08 13:15:52 UTC