Cookies! My posts have not been showing up so I will try this again. It is our tradition to make candy bar cookies. Each kid donates some chocolate or peanut butter based candy out of their stash (we had over 15 lbs). We chop it up and use it in place of the chocolate chips. I used Mimi’s recipe and it worked well. *you must use parchment or they will stick. I found a coconut oil based shortening substitute. The first pan (photo 5) spread out a bit, but I made two more pans after freezing the dough and those came out better. We had so much candy that we made a double batch and now have a stash of “emergency cookie dough.” I forgot to make something for our church potluck and I was able to walk in with fresh cookies. Don’t worry, I bought a bunch of bittersweet chips so I can make the originals too!

Posted by Lauren Soini at 2022-11-07 19:38:05 UTC