If you are looking for further ideas for the slash pockets of the holiday blitz, you could add Black Friday/ gifts. I understand that it's not a holiday and that there is great discussion about it succeeding directly Thanksgiving - out of all holidays - but I also understand that it's quite an important and regular thing in the US. Lisa recommends to buy a year's worth of makeup during Black Friday, for example, and thus save tons. I imagine, this could be a slash pocket living in the Sunday Basket during the rest of the year, and being filled with all sorts of errands or gift ideas which can wait until Black Friday and which will be on discount then. Once it's time for the Holiday Blitz, that slash pocket could be transferred back to the Holiday Blitz Basket. #BlackFriday #gifts #yearlyerrands

Posted by Kristina Simm at 2022-11-04 08:07:31 UTC