Many of my kids are getting to an age where they’re starting to have their own stuff. So I gave them each their own basket in the bathroom, with a cheap cup to hold toothbrush/toothpaste, and the rest of their stuff can live there. Still working on getting some of them their own mouthwashes and things some were sharing but this is much better than the chaos that was all over the shelves/counter and this way I can make sure everybody has what they need. The wooden one is my husband’s and I have my things in the cabinet. Two things I learned from Lisa: done is better than perfect. I just slapped masking tape labels on the baskets. They can be prettied up later (or not). And kids this age need stuff but have no real way to get it, so I’m being proactive about it.

Posted by katydedeyne at 2022-10-21 02:12:26 UTC