Thanks to the Back To School #blitz replays, I’m feeling better prepared for the Fall by purchasing two things to control the chaos: 1- decluttered the car and bought a “Center Console Organizer” off Amazon to corral everything in smaller divided sections so it’s not dumped and jumbled into one deep cavernous area 2- my son is getting bigger/ taller so cubbies don’t hold his football gear anymore. I ordered a navy blue jumbo “Sterilite 2.7 Bushel Laundry Basket” at Walmart to hold everything (men’s XL shoulder pads, helmet, knee/ thigh insert pads, pants, girdles, socks, tape, mouth guard, size 10.5 cleats, etc.). I’ll keep it on the bench by the garage door

Posted by Anna Lisa Schneider at 2022-07-26 19:06:15 UTC