My Spring Break from my classroom is this week, but so was my birthday (Tuesday). As a gift to myself, as well as an investment in my home, I gave myself three days (Wed-Thurs-Fri) with organizer @thewalkers3 (Wendy Walker) to help make the best use of my limited days. My home had become completely overrun! It started when I had to suddenly bring my classroom home and start shoving stuff to make room for the onslaught of classroom stuff. Meanwhile my stepmom’s Alzheimer’s escalated, affecting everything, and so much time was spent commuting to help support the situation. She was placed, meaning now my dad needed me more than he could possibly know, including the three solid months of sorting paper 18 hours/day. That included purging and organizing areas of his home as a break from paper. Then ugly family legal garbage started, and soon we were back to a new school year. Throw in potentially life threatening medical emergencies for both dad and me, and it is easy to see how a home could easily become overrun! I have to give myself grace, because I could not prioritize myself at all during any of this! There will be a couple “victory photos”, but for now I’ll tease with just this one of Wendy sifting through endless pens and pencils and markers and such. Yes, I am a teacher, but I think I may have to admit that I have a problem. Anybody else? Is there a group for that? Ha ha ha…. Clearly, I do not need to buy more of these things for a very long time!

Posted by Lorie Gibson at 2022-04-15 19:51:23 UTC