Binders, dividers, slash pockets, and high-capacity page protectors arrived, but it's taken me longer than I expected to get the papers from the remaining file folders into them—busy week, and then I had to figure out the best way to fit everything in, since I really didn't want to buy even MORE binders! 😮 Realized that I really need (eventually) two 2-inch binders instead of two of the 1.5-inch ones, but I made the latter work! I was also trying to see how I could cram 3 years of tax returns and supporting documents into one binder with only 3 high-capacity (50 sheets each) page protectors. I decided to put each year's actual return and W-2s, etc., into one page protector; then I took 3 manila envelopes, which I'd been storing the 3 years of tax returns in, and hole-punched them so they'd fit in the binder; I also trimmed their tops, so they became (sort of!) high-capacity page protectors, with each one capable of storing approximately 150 sheets. It worked! 😃 Just didn't want to fork out more $ for even higher-capacity page protectors.

Posted by Dreamer at 2022-04-15 00:25:10 UTC