Got everything out of file folders except for a few with contents that need to be incorporated into existing binders. Despite being an aspiring minimalist, I had to order 4 more binders (though I was able to make use of some old ones I had), a small package of dividers and one of slash pockets. and a package of expandable/high-capacity page protectors (the ones that hold more than just a few sheets of paper). I also have a stack of files 6 1/2" high containing things I need to scan. šŸ˜© But since I scanned much more than that last week when doing 42 years of taxes, that seems doable. This part of my Blitzing probably won't be done till next week sometime, but I'm eager to finish and move on to my "real" second Blitz: decades of photos.... šŸ˜µ

Posted by Dreamer at 2022-04-08 02:32:06 UTC