Still getting through the file folders after dumping the filing cabinet ... realized I could put some whole categories of things (e.g., old family letters) in with other memorabilia, and many of the other things in additional binders. But I also realized I have many binders that are already full, and even though I have a few more empty small (1") ones, I really don't want to keep buying too many more binders or other storage items—I'd like to be able to cut things down to the point where I can store them with things I already have. So I took a look at a large (3") binder I've been storing recipes in, inside plastic page protectors, for many years; I realized that even though I do make certain recipes in this binder from time to time, I might be able to get rid of lots of them. So I went through all of them, one recipe at a time. I dumped anything I'd previously rated less than 4 1/2 stars, anything that was too much of a pain to make again (no matter how many stars I'd given it), and anything that I'd never make again because it no longer fit with the way we're eating now (e.g., a main dish with 12 eggs or 2 cups of whipping cream). I probably got rid of 75% of the recipes (more in certain categories, like vegetable dishes, than others, like desserts! 😊). I'm going to scan the remaining recipes, which will also make them much easier to find. And now I have a really good 3" binder I can use to store more of the papers from my filing cabinet! 😃 A picture of the partially decluttered recipe binder is below.

Posted by Dreamer at 2022-04-06 22:00:07 UTC