Sometimes we pick the hot mess project. Sometimes it gets picked for you. Here’s a pic of Winston taken 3/19/20. It was about the last time he was here while his parents were in South Africa. As college professors, they travel a lot especially in the summer. I was checking COVID stats not only here in the US but abroad. I wasn’t 100% sure they’d be allowed to leave SA!!! Two years later they’re about to resume traveling starting in early May…4 short weeks away. Winston’s room turned into a storage room when COVID put a stop to office relocation plans…resulting in a hard close. Against the advice of my manager, I brought a vast amount of supplies here. They ended up in Winston’s room…an available large “flat surface” readily available on which to plop things down. So………I’ll be busy tossing what work no longer needs & relocating what’s still usable to shelving in the garage…..that I recently tidied up! 🥺 I’ve been a second mother to Winston since he was 6 months old. So excited to see him again!

Posted by Judy Helmold at 2022-04-02 19:33:39 UTC