#photos #scrapbooking #memories Posted in PHS and ASBBlitz2022 The journey continues! 🎉 My new cutters, patterns, and trimmers have arrived. I am practicing on duplicate photos, and I’m glad they told me to practice! It’s not hard, but I’m not whipping through the cutter process the way Lisa does in her videos! 🤣 I’m going to need PRACTICE! As Allen Iverson and Ted Lasso say, “We talkin’ ‘bout PRACTICE!” HELP! TIPS NEEDED!!! PATTERNS: How should I store the patterns (plastic circles, ovals, squares? Do I need to keep the card board they arrived in? I didn’t realize there’s also SIZING TEMPLATES with the patterns! TRIMMERS: Do I need to store the 12” rotary trimmer and the 12” decorative trimmers in the boxes they came in? CUTTERS: Any suggestions? Just loose, or in a baggy? Thank you for your ideas! Pic 1 - my new supplies! Pic 2 - PRACTICE Pic 3 - Sizing Templates Pic 4 - More practice Pic 5 - How do you recommend storing the trimmers? Ideally they’d have a home, but these will be traveling home to Ohio with me to tackle the mountains of photographs and memorabilia there!!!

Posted by Kathy Hoover at 2022-03-30 17:45:29 UTC