So yesterday I started on the master bathroom. I have broken it up into quite a few chunks because my shoulder is still giving me grief (though it’s doing a bit better than on the weekend). I wanted to be able to tackle it in smaller chunks and still have time to keep the rest of the house tidied and keep the kids focused on schoolwork. So yesterday’s project was the linen closet. There was very little that needed weeding out…it more just needed tidying and better organization. I pulled in five IKEA cardboard boxes I had on hand unassembled and put them together to better contain things. One holds baby wipes and flushable wipes, one holds refills of the daily vitamins and meds, one holds other random meds, one holds inexpensive washcloths that we use for cleaning purposes, and one hold microfiber cloths. Then I reorganized my feminine hygiene box, refolded and better organized towels/quilts/blankets, and arranged the surplus toilet paper and soaps tidily. The first pic is the before/after of the linen closet project. I still need to get another box like my feminine hygiene box from Michael’s to hold packets of wet wipes and tissue packs. After I was done with that I did some measuring and ordering online before I called it good. This morning I was up early as the items I had ordered for organizing the sink cabinets and drawers had already arrived!! The other pics are before/after pics of today’s project (the last two drawer pics I will add as comments). I have some things on order that arrive tomorrow to help with the bathroom countertop organizing so that will likely be tomorrow’s project. After that I have the tub area…which is full of a basket of excess items from my last bathroom decluttering to deal with as well as all the special wash items that have to be hand washed/gentle washed/laid flat to dry/etc. Then the toilet room and general bathroom tidying to do. Then my husband has said we may bring in someone to do the deep scrubbing needed for the shower stall and the toilet (which is awesome since my shoulder wouldn’t fare too well with scrubbing)!! By the time the bathroom is done decluttering and organized but before the cleaning people come it will be the weekend and my husband and I will tackle the rest of the master bedroom together!! ☺️

Posted by RaineyDaye at 2022-03-30 15:54:24 UTC