So I got to the end of Day 2 last week and was burnt out because I had also worked on/completely did the master closet (except for my clothes) the day BEFORE the Spring Break Blitz started. I did have a small goal for Day 3 and then planned to take it easy until today…concentrating on the rest of the house upkeep and the kids homeschooling. I got the Day 3 goal done and took the kids to a homeschool event that day and by the end of the day was in pretty bad pain. My shoulder started acting up and despite a chiropractic adjustment and massage on Friday I am still hurting…lots of BioFreeze topically and ibuprofen for the pain!! But I did tackle my next zone today and got it done!! So feeling happy about that!! The last two areas in the master bedroom are my husband’s desk area and the corner on his side of the bed (which about half is his stuff)…so that’s going to be the hardest thing to deal with. I am seriously thinking of pivoting to the master bathroom at this point and wait for the weekend to finish the bedroom so we can work on it together. Anyway…first pic is what I did last Wednesday and second is what I did today. ☺️

Posted by RaineyDaye at 2022-03-29 00:00:32 UTC