Last week didn’t go as planned. I worked a 55 hour week plus 4 hours on Saturday at my admin job. So I was home for 4 hours today. I picked back up on Day 2-3. Cleared the horizontal spaces of my desk and work cabinet. Dusted. Vacuumed. Removed all the items from 13 of the 16 cubes. Dusted and sorted, purged and moved 8 assorted binders into three O365 purple binders, more organized and productive. Like paper with like paper. I found things that I put into my 3 workboxes so that I can start acting on them next quarter. I purged over 8 inches of papers and one garbage bag full. I have three more cubes to sort through- lots of bottles, rollers, and recipes to organize for my next step in this room. I walked away from it last March when we received two heavy and intense medical situations. One year later I am getting back to this room. It’s the loft office area for my essential oils business, vacation home rental business, my craft room for scrapbooking and card making, my Cricut machine and beading. Photo 1 in the midst Photo 2 in the midst Photo 3 after Photo 4 after Photo 5 my three workboxes revised again #adultspringbreakblitz2022

Posted by Sarah Kojis at 2022-03-28 17:01:13 UTC