So much progress was made in my attic this week! My husband took 2 truckloads mostly cardboard and a little old technology to recycling. We had a huge pile of trash for pickup by sanitation yesterday. He helped me also by power washing several plastic bins that were coated in dust as I worked through emptying them. We purchased a couple of sets of the hdx shelving at Home Depot that Lisa recommended, and a few more clear bins, as well as some batting for cushioning ornaments. I'm not completely through. However, the biggest win for me was getting my seasonal decorations all sorted and organized. As a former preschool teacher I love to change my decorations throughout the year. Everything was just piled and mixed up into dark bins in the attic which made it less enjoyable and consumed more time to do. This past Christmas I almost didn't want to decorate and was grumpy when I did do it. It was a mess. I'm so excited about how great that area came out and how easy and enjoyable it will be throughout the year now!

Posted by Dawn Costello at 2022-03-27 02:09:56 UTC