ASBB B&A WIP: 03/35/22 The magnitude of the task was a bit of a surprise. Changes to the observer may not be obvious but the impact of the changes is meaningful…more functional. I’ve had several side gigs over the years as well as been responsible for several work sites that closed. Piles of stuff grew and grew…especially when access to a recycle bin at work was no longer available and local recycling and donation centers closed in the early months of COVID. Lots of empty cartons were taken to recycling. This morning 10 laser printer cartridges went to OfficeMax for recycling…only to find I have 8 more at home…all from work! Recyclable tech items are pretty much together now. Cardboard recyclables are in one place with empty cartons nearby waiting to be filled up. Empty strong handled totes are ready to put old work items that can be donated since we no longer use those at work. I’ll keep chipping away at the area as we rumble through April!

Posted by Judy Helmold at 2022-03-25 22:20:48 UTC