Day #4 Part 1 of Zone 3 The space is just so big and I am only one person. My Zone 3 is going to hopefully be finished by Sunday. The bookshelves and under the craft table were my main focus yesterday and most of this morning. I had a lot of homeschool curriculum to sort and papers to go through I boxed up a lot , threw out a lot, and my donation pile is growing. 1. Before and after pictures of the bookshelves. It's more organized and I actually have some empty shelf space. 2. Before and after of under the craft table. Those boxes are my to sort through over the next week. Next up is the craft supplies and the sewing area. Keep going everyone we're almost to the finish line!!! 🥳🥳

Posted by Rana Kacir at 2022-03-25 17:06:52 UTC