ASBB Day 5 03/25/22: Early win for the morning! Gathering like with like in one place paid off! I bagged up empty laser printer cartridges to take to recycle. Didn’t count, just took them out of their cartons to put in handled shopping bags. Before heading to OfficeMax i realized I had taken my very old OfficeMax Temporary MaxPerks card out of my CC holder. Walked back inside…knew it would likely be in my front DR which is where my Sunday Basket resides. Voila! First place I checked, there it was. Then en route…..I remembered they limit how many you can bring in. Uh oh! Worst case I can drive up the road to Best Buy but I took my chances. They’ll take about anything. No $ credit but I wanted them gone today. The young lady at the register asked how long I had that card…forever. Think she had never seen one like that. She told me the limit to redeem is 10/month. Fine. One by one she counted them and I had….10! Woohoo! At $2 each I should see a $20 credit on my account soon. Hurrah!!! Headed back home to do more work in the garage. Will post B&A pics later today.

Posted by Judy Helmold at 2022-03-25 14:33:22 UTC