This is my third day. Whew, progress . . . but a long way to go! 📖 Emptied 4 of mom’s photo albums and sorted by my family, brothers’ families, our hometown in NJ, new home in FL in 2000, mom and dad’s FL activities (choir, tennis, golf, Curtain Raisers, bridge +) and separate piles for art league and television station; piles of garbage, recycling, and empty photo albums. Pictures: 1. Piles, piles everywhere! 2. Garbage and recycling ♻️ 3. Voila! A mess! 4. Emptied photo albums 5. Today’s favorite picture: Cruise 🚢 with my parents in 2002 (I still have the skirt mom is wearing! 🤷🏼‍♀️ lol)

Posted by Kathy Hoover at 2022-03-25 03:11:30 UTC