Tackled the filing cabinet in the "office" closet—at first, I was going to skip it, because it's very useful and there are actually more than just old tax returns in it. But I looked through it last night and realized that the contents could be divided into four categories: tax returns, current financial and house files, old jobs, and memorabilia. So I decided going through everything and putting what remained into more portable formats, like binders or medium Sterilite boxes, would be doable (though not today!). I took out all the files, removed the filing cabinet (now in the garage, ready to be sold or donated), replaced the closet's bottom two shelves, which had been in the garage, and decided to use the freed-up space to store bagged blankets, most of which had been stacked on the primary bedroom closet floor. I also got rid of more hanging files and manila folders, since I wouldn't be needing as many, and my son is now using the two bottom baskets in the door organizer for socks and underwear. An updated before-and-after photo is below; it replaces the one I previously posted that still had the filing cabinet in it. I've also posted below a photo of what awaits—going through all those folders! 😱 [Photos are in a later post.]

Posted by Dreamer at 2022-03-24 18:19:36 UTC