I am working on my storage unit. When we downsized into a condo not everything fit so they went into a storage unit. In Nov I focused on photos, throwing out duplicates, landscape photos from trips (all start to look the same), people I no longer remember, etc. This was 7 very huge bins (each about 30 gallons) and created 6 small bins (about 7 gallons/28 qts) by decade or person. Now I am focuaed on boxes of books. I brought 4 boxes to condo. Yesterday I sorted, today I started an inventory of those that wre my parents (some have water damage, are very fragile, some are moldy). My husband has gone through his Tomorrow I will (1) take photos of the children's books and see if our children ( in their 30s) want them or not and (2) identify where eaxh book is either being given, donated, or trashed. So though it doesn't seem like a lot I am happy with the progess in 1.5 hours a day. Storage units are easy to forget about (except for thr auto debit each month) so this bliyz ia helping me keep momentum.

Posted by Marion Skinner at 2022-03-24 00:16:44 UTC