I’m going through one side of my basement storage area. It is cluttered with “just in case” items. I am determined to minimize those items and reduce this by 2/3 or more. That said, the one side is pretty much all clothes. I’ve been saving them for friends and relatives who have younger children than mine. I decided I am no longer going to do this. When my kids are done with them, they are no longer going in there. Instead, they will be going OUT THE DOOR. I messaged those friends/relatives yesterday and asked if they want anything. I let them know I am getting rid of all the clothes no one is using and if not, they will be packed up for the donation truck. I got responses from them and I am working on getting them folded and out the door. Already feeling lighter!! 👏🏻

Posted by bauer_krista at 2022-03-23 19:03:06 UTC