Before and after of today’s area. Doesn’t look like it would take so long but it literally took most of the day!! Weeded out a whole tub of stuff plus had about a bag and a half of trash after sorting through a ridiculous amount of papers. The last pic is my modified goal for tomorrow. It’s not as big of a goal as I originally had for tomorrow and I HAD planned to work on the entire rest of the room through Friday. But my kids are not staying on track with their homeschool while Mom is decluttering, the kitchen is needing attention as well, and we have something to do every day until Saturday that will take up part of the day. I am also BEAT because I have done three full days of working on stuff…first the master closet on Sunday and then the past two days on the bedroom. All while finishing up recovering from a sinus infection. I actually ended up taking a nap today before finishing because I was so tired. So if I can just tackle the one little area on top of, in front of, and to the left of the dresser (and a wee bit of dresser organizing but not actually tackling clothes just yet) tomorrow…then I am going to call it a win!! If I add in the fact that I tackled AND finished my closet on Sunday and also will be posting stuff to the local Buy Nothing group on Thursday…that’s really like the five day challenge, just shifted a day. Because once the dresser area is done and I finish dealing with the four small sorted piles of papers in front of the window then exactly half the room will be clean and organized….the half that was mostly my stuff. Then I will take a break on the master suite stuff until next Monday and deal with homeschool, laundry, the main areas of the house, and the various things we have to go and do. Next week should be easier since at least half the stuff on the other part of the room is my husband’s to deal with.

Posted by RaineyDaye at 2022-03-23 02:27:54 UTC