I have too many zones to complete in 3 days. I realized after watching the videos that I only 1/2 started correctly. I got excited with my garage plan (which is 100% ready to go complete w/drawings whenever I can enlist the help) but then I just hopped into the craft/family room when that was a no go. I feel like this giant pile of papers on the countertop is it’s own “zone”. I’m modifying my written plan and second guessing myself. My second wall is 2 zones too because the closet is a giant project on its own but there’s another mini zone for the video game/movie area. If I tackle the first wall plus the movie/video area, then I can use a future weekend for a craft closet blitz. That sounds reasonable doesn’t it? Then it’s cabinets, counter, tv/video game corner for the 3 zones?

Posted by Sue .Duncan at 2022-03-22 14:54:36 UTC