Blitz …win…? 😱🦟 I decided I can’t really clean my space until I have my closet cleaned out. My closet has three external walls so it is blazingly cold in winter. I had tried planting some micro lotuses last year and had to bring them in off the porch so they didn’t freeze. I HATE the basement in my rental to the point that I bought a camera to check the oil tank so I don’t have to go downstairs. So I decided a nice cold space to keep the plants was in my very very cold closet. Then spring started. I went in my closet to start cleaning and found quite a few flying mosquito-like bugs. In my closet. Over the bowls. I think I just hatched bugs in my closet. I’m counting this as a win because I don’t know if I would have noticed if I wasn’t cleaning my closet out and the problem could have gotten out of hand VERY quickly. The lotus bowls are moving back on the porch right now and getting some mosquito treatment 😖 (Edit to say I checked my before photo from yesterday and there are no bugs…this would have been just the beginning!)

Posted by Renee L at 2022-03-21 23:24:38 UTC