So I first decided yesterday that I would tackle the master closet this week…but I was antsy and went ahead and did it yesterday!! All except going through my clothes (but the majority of those are in or on top of a row of fabric cubes on one shelf). So then I was thinking I would tackle my clothes or the master bathroom…but honestly on thinking it over I realized that clothes would be hard to do properly until the bedroom was dealt with. Also the bathroom would require a lot of standing and I am still fairly off kilter with my equilibrium after having a bad sinus infection this past week. So I might not actually be able to FINISH the bigger master bedroom job but if I divide it into quadrants with a goal of finishing 2-3 of them then I think that works. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I have four stacks of plastic tubs and those for sure aren’t going to be tackled yet. They are the last thing inside the house (not counting garage and attic) for me to deal with. Also a chunk of the third and fourth quadrants is my husband’s desk and things which I can’t do. So the first two quadrants and at least parts of the other two quadrants are my goal this week. Most of which I can accomplish sitting down. The piano in the last pic was only temporarily put in our room when we had little kiddo company a week ago and goes back to my daughter’s room this evening. There’s a few other things that ended up in here as well from the closet cleaning. So yeah…that’s not helping. Anyway…this is my hidden mess inside the house. I close the door to hide it when people are over and now I am showing it to ya’ll!! 😬

Posted by RaineyDaye at 2022-03-21 17:38:19 UTC