ASBB Day 1: Tackling one side of the garage is my focus. I chose the side that is fairly well “categorized”….the other is helter skelter. Early this morning I broke down as many empty cartons as I could easily reach, sorted them by size & put them in my 2-door car. The local recycling center opens tomorrow so I’m ready to make a drop-off there tomorrow morning after gym class. After lunch, I’ll clear off a few interlocking shelves where I’ll place things for Goodwill and electronic related stuff that Best Buy accepts. Two bags are hung: one for trash, the other for mags to recycle. No clue what to do with boxes and boxes of books. I cringe at the thought of tossing them. In a prior post, I mentioned I have 2 ellipticals and 1 HealthRider in my garage that the movers basically plopped down ~18 yrs ago. I thought they wouldn’t fit thru the door. Just for grins, I got out my measuring tape and discovered maybe…just maybe…they WILL fit thru the door to get them inside. It will be a tight fit but the landing is long then getting them in the extra room is doable. I’ll try to roll ‘em in next Blitz effort. Fingers crossed!

Posted by Judy Helmold at 2022-03-21 15:53:03 UTC