My original focus for the #ASBB was the office. However, once I began assessing the issues that needed to be addressed, it became clear the problem is actually my papers. Much of my work was going to be shifting papers from one place to another in order to declutter and organize…but, once they were removed, the issues weren’t looking nearly as problematic. The papers are the real problem for me, and the positive domino effect of creating some binders will far outweigh my original choice. Bringing this mass of papers to a shelf of binders will affect every room, give my brain some massive space to breathe, and make me far more productive in creating a better environment and forward motion. Meal planning, laundry, and errands have all been completed or, at the very least, brought down to necessity for this week. I have extra baskets for sorting and my shredder blades are freshly oiled. The way I imagine feeling when this is done is deeply motivating.

Posted by Rebecca Richardson at 2022-03-20 20:17:46 UTC