Hottest mess of hot messes? Not that anyone wants to win that award. 🥴 Admittedly, I’m a craft supply hoarder and began my collection in about 1996. Eek! 😱 Anyway, it’s time to declutter and organize so this becomes a functional space again. This walk-in closet is a fantastic workspace for a managed amount of craft supplies. And now it will become my official YouTube filming space for DIYs! So motivated to get started!!! 😬 Best of luck, everyone! 💕 P.S. This closet is turning 7 this week…this is the worst it’s looked since some boxed toppled on the floor rendering the walk space useless! But I’ve had it “all cleaned up” 3 or 4 times over the past 7 years. Now I’m motivated to maintain it since I just bought The Productive Home Solution and The Sunday Basket to get and stay on top of my home in general!

Posted by Ashley Camber DIY at 2022-03-20 14:27:40 UTC