Help please!! So… I got this beautiful new desk set last summer that I have yet to set up for efficiency. It’s meant to be a space for home Sunday Basket as well as my business Workbox & related materials. Instead, I keep working on the kitchen table, which HAS to change. This will be my Spring Break Blitz project. But I’m already “stuck”… Would you divide this task into the 3 different pieces of furniture & everything that each piece contains (eg executive desk, corner table, and hutch desk)? Or divide it based on the type of things on ALL the spaces (eg paperwork for home/business, business products, and office materials/supplies)?? Or something else entirely? My ADD procrastinating perfectionist brain has obviously been stuck for almost a year and I admit I need help.

Posted by Susan Harriman at 2022-03-16 19:28:04 UTC