Going to focus on my home office/crafts/hot mess room to try to work my way thru the rest of my house. Been here for 32 years, my kids grew up here and are out on their own. Im retiring in July and going to downsize enough to move into my partner’s home this fall. We both have much to do but this is a visible start and will help show my commitment to him and to working together to find room for each other in OUR home (no longer my home and his home.) and this will become a rental. Combined 65 years in our respective homes, the remaining things left behind by adult kids and a beloved late wife and 3 late parents…we have our work cut out for us. All our stuff is keeping us looking backwards though and its time to look ahead and makes some happy new memories together.

Posted by grettagoodis at 2022-03-16 00:32:55 UTC