Hi everyone! Hope you guys are having an awesome week. Since we’re all doing this kitchen blitz, I wanted to share this with you all. Maybe for some of you this is old hat and you already knew this, so I apologize for sharing stuff you already know. Our family needed to eat healthier and I was tired of having to throw away food because it went bad so fast. When I was trying to figure out how to extend things, I found a lady who has a website called Cross Legacy. I will add the link to her website. She was also on Cass’s organization podcast, the lady who does the Clutterbug test, and she and Cass both said that they had strawberries that lasted up to three weeks in their refrigerator by the way that they store them. Being somebody who lives through the 80s of trust but verify, I decide to give it a try. Happy to say that I had strawberries last up to four weeks and were still edible. I’ve tried her other tricks with lettuce and carrots and broccoli. It will add some time, but for my family, I’d much rather eat fresh produce than out of a bag. And you’re going to be absolutely shocked when you’re cleaning the stuff off from the store. She also talks about what to store in your fridge to make things last longer. I would’ve never thought to put lemons and limes with my avocados so they don’t go bad so fast. That tip has saved us. Lots of money. Also, putting all your fruits in a basket like I used to I had no idea that apples gave off a gas and caused the other fruits in the bowl to ripen much faster. Also, potatoes and onions should not be stored together! After washing your expensive produce, in the vinegar water solution I was shocked.😳 like I said, you may already know all this but for me it was new information that saves us a lot of money. Here’s her link and I hope it helps somebody. https://thecrosslegacy.com/

Posted by kympankl at 2024-03-07 13:14:34 UTC