La-la-ladies, here's the "Wild Week" plan! Apologies: Wanted to make it an easy one page "download" but I don't have the skills. A little secret🤫- I skipped ahead & watched all the videos today! There is going to be special video by Tanya about meal planning if you are part of TPHS!! For all of us who are saving our pennies for that beauty, maybe this "Wild Week" plan can hold us over till then! ☺️ If you are part of TPHS this could be helpful too but I am sure Tanya's deep dive is going to be waaayy better!! Here's the one pot lovelies! ...along with some side notes to increase productivity! *the stove top website has a bunch of one pot ideas if you get bored or are looking for something slightly different but just as easy to make! Monday: Tuesday: Sick of broken chips at the bottom of the bag of Doritos..or any chips for that matter? There's a recipe for that!! Here's Wednesday!: *If you make the Mexican casserole 1st- cook up a bunch of ground beef & save half for the simple spigetti recipe for another day- an amazing idea Lisa mentioned on her video! Cooking 1x but getting multiple meals out of it! Sign us up!! Thank you Lisa! 😊 Thursday: *If you want a true one pot spaghetti- boil your pasta 1st & let it sit in the strainer whilst you simmer up the onions & peppers quick (I suggest frozen veggies all ready chopped up 😉) & heat up the sauce with the pre-cooked meat then add your pasta back in for a quick heat & eat! ...I just realized I hate dishes as much as I hate cooking 🤣. Friday: *You can totally skip some of the "fluffy" steps but the orzo & the fresh basil make this baby!...I love fresh scallions chopped on top too! If you use the zucchini, I found adding it back in at step 4 is better other wise the zucchini "disappears"... but that could have it's benefits if you have picker eaters🤔. Lol ¡SUPER PRODUCTIVITY TIP!- While you have the rice & orzo out- measure out 1 or 2 more portions for this recipe in labeled baggies & store in the freezer for a quicker process next time! 🥳 Saturday: *Mix the salsa & enchilada sauce & save half for the "next time" (store in the freezer). I added a can of no salt jalapeño diced tomatoes to the corn mixture- amazing! *The Half Baked Harvest website has really tasty recipes- search "one skillet"! The recipe looks really wordy but you can simplify by skipping some of the "fluffy" steps that aren't going to add much punch. "Have fun with it! It's just cooking, people! Lol" ...For some reason I hear Lisa's voice saying that in my head lol too many podcasts I guess! 😅 Sunday: Leftovers! They will be coming out of your ears at this point! SUPER IDEA! Swap the meat for a different "selection" to change the "flavor profile".😱 Wait did we just get a "Two Week Wild" plan?! I think we did! Sweet!!

Posted by Dana L. at 2024-03-06 19:06:32 UTC