I am sooo excited for the blitz too! This is soooo my jam! I have been on a super deep dive into meal planning & have learned some amazingly simple (& fun) techniques that work! In all the pent up anticipation I have been sketching up a "Wild Week" meal plan for the weeks that are super hard! If anyone is interested I'd love to share! ☆I hate cooking & I LOVE these meals! -Vetted one pot wonders -Seriously easy to make -Easily altered! -Makes a "ton" of food to save for leftovers/freezer meals 😉... 2 meals minimum for the work of 1!! (for reference we are a family of 4) -Meals in about 30 min (or less!) with minimal prep (Yes please! Lol) -CAUTION! These meals are super hits & will be asked for repeatedly! Even my 8yr old daughter loves them! (I may need help uploading & such as I am not tech savvy... I can find the recipes & have links available to make it as streamlined as possible...maybe 1 of the lovely 365 ladies is available or has some some suggestions? ☺️).

Posted by Dana L. at 2024-03-04 15:25:07 UTC