Printed my sheets out today. This Blitz will make a big impact on our household. I am curious how my college kids and mother will answer their sheets. This will be very enlightening to what needs to change instead of continuing on this status quo road. We are cooking for 5 most nights and 6 on weekends. I will have to be adding my in-laws into the mix later this year too. I think I will print out copies for them too. Although we have been much better about food waste this past year, I feel we have much room for tweaking. Maybe I can get some commitments for others to cook twice a week. I feel like Mondays and Tuesdays are so hectic I never have time or energy to stop to prep and cook so I end up ordering takeout half of the time.

Posted by Debbie BoCa at 2024-02-29 16:58:41 UTC