I decided to make a Google spreadsheet tonight in preparation for the kitchen productivity blitz...I know we go out to eat waaayyyyy to much but it's hard to really comprehend how much as it is spread out between 2 credit cards and both my husband and I will take the kids out separately and I grab food before work a lot...so I went on the sites of our 2 credit cards and our bank to see approximately how much we collectively spend going out to eat each month. Obviously, a few things are missed if we pay cash (rarely) or if it's costco pizza (not rarely ha) as it is categorized differently. But on average (in the last 9 months), we spent about $800 a month in resturants/fast food. 🤦‍♀️Granted, some months are heigher than others... and birthdays, anniversaries, and vacations throw it off a little... but eww. That also does not count groceries. I'm hoping that the blitz plus my lab work that I got done today (cholesterol and A1C) will kick my butt into gear to stop doing all that!

Posted by Jami Engerson at 2024-02-29 03:18:00 UTC