Good morning! It might be a bit early but since we’re traveling next weekend a lot of our holidays are already wrapping up besides the actual Christmas 🎄 celebrations, so I’m going through my folders and making notes for 2024. We had a lot of successes this year, including donating pumpkin pies to Operation turkey, attending the Texas Stars hockey teddy bear 🧸 toss, participating in a number of elephant 🐘 gift swaps and watching many Christmas movies. I’ve added some worksheets for next year so I’ll be ready to go when the holiday blitz comes around. I’m not quite ready for Christmas, but I’ve also put recipes and gift ideas I know aren’t going to happen this year away so I won’t feel pressured to try to squeeze them in. Looking forward to hearing what went well for you all this holiday season! I also have a list of holiday decorations I want to buy for next year, so once these sales happen I know what I want to buy!

Posted by tiffanylynnyoung at 2023-12-17 14:50:33 UTC