I have to confess I didn’t work my way all the way through the Holiday Blitz this year due to an unexpected life event (my heart attack at age 49 in early November), BUT because I watched all of the videos, some things stuck and I was able to be flexible this holiday season. My husband made the Thanksgiving turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and coordinated with his family about what they could bring (without my help for any of it!), and I was able to flex and advocate for the type of Christmas Day we want our little family to experience when our adult niece unexpectedly invited five more adults to our Christmas dinner. (We were expecting to have 13 adults and 4 kids in our house, including us, but can’t accommodate another 5 adults comfortably). We’re now driving to hubby’s sister’s house, which has more room to spread out. I’m so pleased!

Posted by amylagerquist at 2023-12-14 21:49:33 UTC