I finally put (bought ha) my post its on the calendars. So I thought I'd show my updated weeks. I didn't post this week or next week cause I work a lot and then go on a mini vacation, so they didn't really have too much sticky notes on them (plus I could only post 5 photos) i did not add baking sweets because I can squeeze them in easily and I need to be in a holiday mood! But I did make sticky notes for them so I can add them as necessary. I was also able to see if I need to do this on this date. I need these other things to happen. For example, I am making the ball game that's wrapped in plastic wrap that you have to unwrap to win prizes for a ladies' night. I need all the items by a certain day... and I need time to make it...I am have the cut-off day to donate prizes, be on a Monday. I will make Wednesday for Thursday ( it won't take too long. I can even finish if I need to during kids' school the next day) Also my husband hates decorating for Christmas but he needs to bring all the boxes in. So I made a note to have him take it out before his work trip so I can get the girls to help me decorate 2 days later.

Posted by Jami Engerson at 2023-11-22 07:18:31 UTC