Hi all-I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for hostess gifts for the following: We are visiting my cousin's home/family for the third Thanksgiving in a row. I want to bring her a hostess gift (we are bringing a dish and beer too, but I mean specifically a thank you gift for hosting) but I am not sure of what yet. She is minimalist and organized and quite spare & modern in her style so it will need to be something either consumable or non cluttery? She also lives with her husband and two little boys. Additionally, several of my aunts help her with the food and though we they are not hosting the Thanksgiving in their home, they still do contribute to the meal quite a bit so I'd like to get something for them too. Any ideas for hostess gifts when you'd like to bring many additional hostess gifts? Thank you! :) #hostess gifts

Posted by Amy in Charleston at 2023-11-13 21:31:41 UTC