I sorted and purged the Christmas wrapping paper bin. Now all papers are in one container down from 2.5. All the tissue paper, medium and large bags are sorted into a 13 gallon garbage 🗑️. Tape, paper cutters, pens, scissors are in one place. The tags have been sorted, added to the wrapping station in the guest bedroom. So many old and crumpled ones to declutter. My guests do not come until new years’ weekend. I have started the stack of stocking stuffers and gifts. The extra boxes have been gathered. The Christmas carols are playing on the laptop. This wrapping station is set up and ready when I have 10-15 minutes free. No last minute stress this year. In past years when I had kids at home, this would have been in my basement or a corner in our bedroom. Empty nesting has a perk in midst of the quiet and lonely moments. #wrappingstation #giftwrap #giftwrapsupplies

Posted by Sarah Kojis at 2023-11-12 20:46:41 UTC