My favorite holiday cookies are angel wings (Chrusciki). I don't make them every year because they take a bit of time to roll and fry. But my kids asked to make them this year. We actually have a very specific Christmas Eve dinner each year... which includes 2 baking days before Christmas! We make pierogi one day and stuffed cabbage (Gołąbki) the other. We also eat Sauerkraut and kilbasa that day, but we don't make it 😛. My husband is not the most excited about it (he doesn't like Polish... despite being raised that way, ha) but my kids and mother in law are. He doesn't have to make it, though, so he deals with it and gets his choice of meal on Easter ha. (His mom makes him cookies so he's happy ha)

Posted by Jami Engerson at 2023-10-31 14:48:39 UTC