I got hooked on Organize 365 a little over a year ago. I did the Holiday Blitz last year, but I was so new that I could not appreciate what a gift the Blitz was. It was amazing to pull out a slash pocket a few days ago and find that I had written myself notes and tucked in many of the recipes I make annually. At this point I am all in with everything Organize 365. I love my baskets so much because they keep me so much more organized. I ended up taking the holiday basket in a slightly different direction because I now know that you can make the baskets your own. I have so much paper related to the holidays that I am hoping this will work out. I already feel like I am on top of some of the little things this year that I have completely forgotten until the last minute in previous years. Christmas stamps are purchased and in a slash pocket (our post office has run out of the festive ones in the past) and the gift cards for the giving tree at church are all set to go too. Thank you to Lisa & the whole Organize 365 team for all you do!

Posted by StacySkan at 2023-10-30 23:38:21 UTC