For about 18-24 months, I knew my family was going on a cruise to celebrate my parent's 50th. Also for about 18 months, my church debated, voted, "church-politicked," and went through disaffliation. Both occurred June 2023. After I returned home from the cruise, my favorite coworker announced she was leaving. I knew June was stressful and emotional. I didn't was so much so that my family sort of forgot there was life after June 2023. July was kind of a reactive/recovery month. This week was the first week I wrote up a running grocery list, and I actually went grocery shopping to stock up our pantry, something I haven't done since probably May (we've been running on "bare necessity" shopping). While at the store, I found a pen in my purse that wasn't working. I dropped it in my purse. Later on, I finished up shopping and took my cart back to the corral, turned back to my car, and.....realized.....I was next to a trash can. I walked back to the trash can and threw the pen away. I don't think I've ever "proactively" thrown something away from my purse that quickly before. I'm strangely optimistic this is a sign that the stress from June is finally lifting. And I know this group would understand this better than anyone else.

Posted by ManateeMomma at 2023-08-12 19:50:55 UTC