I am not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed….. I spent 4 hours today sorting, cleaning out and restocking school supplies! Yes, we use what w shave because we don’t need a new box of 64 crayons every year!! I just swapped out a few crayons that were small or missing from our bin. Yes I cleaned off the stickers from the poly folders to be used again this year. I spent $42.00 to complete both school supply lists! I have now stocked up on my own stash of markers, pencils, crayons as I use them as add-ons for birthday gifts during the year! ( .50 cents vs 4.00 for a 24ct) Feels good to have this already in bags for supply drop off / walk through at the end of August. Now back to enjoying the summer! This is my 3rd back to school blitz and I am really feeling so relaxed this year. I even organized and tossed items from our home art/school supplies as well today! #supplies

Posted by Robyn ZteamMomma at 2023-07-14 00:10:12 UTC