Watched the rest of the blitz videos for this week as I work tonight and tomorrow night. I plan on going through clothes in the next few weeks. My youngest has so many clothes that she loves, but we really need to go up a size come fall. So I need to go through her closet where we stuffed her fall clothes and get rid of probably most of them! I live in the south, so I won't actually buy any fall clothes quite yet as it will be like 90 degrees when they start school next month! Luckily, we saved some size 10 clothes from her cousin for her so we won't have to completely rebuy all her clothes. I've the next few weeks I'm going to fit in haircuts for both kids and eye doctor for my oldest. I already added school calendar dates. I am in the process of buying school supplies as they are on sale. I will but the rest in 2 weeks if not on sale since we are going to visit family right before school starts for 1.5 weeks. Personal grooming I'm all set on as I buy most everything at Costco 🤣 For being out the door I made morning schedule lists and talked to their door the last month of school so we will continue with those. I have money on their lunch card. I have decided I'm not planning to buy lunch bags this year as theirs from last year are brand new as they barely used them!

Posted by Jami Engerson at 2023-07-13 03:29:15 UTC