I am so excited! I just signed up for an online non-credit class through my local community college and ed2go(dot)com. It's called "Work Yourself Happy" aka "Listen to Your Heart, and Success Will Follow" taught by Cynthia Granger, M.A., who "coaches and teaches personal development courses individually and also at the college level. She has over 25 years of experience designing and teaching courses related to self-improvement. Her articles have been published in magazines and on popular websites." "The course description says, "This course will help you enjoy the rewards that come from doing what really makes you happy! It will help you begin designing a life that really works for you. With a complete understanding of your own interests, values, needs and abilities, you'll learn how you can use work to express yourself and share your interests and talents. Your every day will be filled with joy and inspiration, and a greater depth of meaning will be added to everything you do. This course is skillfully crafted to weave experiential learning with the conceptual presentation, giving you time to experience, understand, and implement each new strategy as it is introduced.." Lesson One starts this Wednesday! I am hoping to make some much-needed changes in my life but for once, I realize that my ADHD would have made me impulsively quit my job. Once I understood that, I was able to slow my roll and begin to make plans. It's all about the baby steps now. School is almost in session, so the Back-to-School Blitz is coming at just the right time!

Posted by Christy Underwood at 2023-07-11 01:54:31 UTC