I don’t know how Lisa does it!! I’ve been feeling a little antsy lately. I know July is not a productive month on the Lisa calendar. But I got this huge organizing energy surge! The blitz came just in time. I watched all of the blitz videos while taking a bath every morning this past week. While recovering from an autoimmune flare. Today I had a golden window and tackled kitchen maintenance. The blitz also propelled me to dive deep into the productive home solution master closet videos. I finally de cluttered and organized my closet and clothing. I feel so much better 😩 I am super behind on work projects but to me this was the most important thing to do. Being personally organized is my current goal. This will make my upcoming weeks much more productive. I’m going to go all day. Making sure to do it in bite sized pieces. I’ve done only one category at a time. If I burn out I won’t be left in a mess and I can pick up where I left off next time. Thanks Lisa and team!

Posted by natasha.barrera at 2023-07-08 22:45:30 UTC