#allaboutthestackmethod Long post about how to solve #emailfrustration but I think it will be worth your time to read it if you are struggling. I originally posted it in a comment on Cadillac's post just a few down in my feed. Caveat: Someone mentioned in the comments that there are some "f-bombs" in the videos. I don't remember them myself, but it has been about four years since I watched them. I just wanted to give you fair warning. I will watch them again when I get a chance because I need a refresher anyway. @Cadlillac -- Have you tried using the Stack Method to tame your email? I started recommending it in the app as soon as I joined the Org 365 community a couple of years ago. A lot of people on here have now tried it and they say it is a game-changer for them, too. It is a FREE program that has you invest about an hour of your time to watch a series of short videos (if you watch them all, you not only get brownie points but it will work much better for you) and about 15 minutes to set up your folders in Google, Outlook, or whichever email client you use. Believe me, that investment of time is worth it as you will save way more time and frustration down the road. I am sure that all other Stack Method users on the app would agree. For myself, once I started using the Stack Method, I was able to process and delete over 8,000 emails in two days! How, you may ask? The Stack Method teaches you to start viewing your emails as actions to be taken rather than as messages you need to keep. That is why we have all been able to delete and let go of so many emails. I wonder how many emails other users on this app were able to delete just after starting to use the Stack Method? Maybe they will click Reply and weigh in with their results and whether or not they found the hour and 15 minutes of their time a worthwhile investment. And remember: It's FREE! Okay, I have been singing the virtues of the Stack Method long enough. How do you find it? Go to StackMethod(dot)com. Sorry that we can't post a live link in the app that you can click. Just replace with a "dot" before "com." Again, that is: StackMethod(dot)com I am going to post a boldface hashtag that you can click on to read what others have said about the Stack Method previously: #stackmethod I am creating a new hashtag that I am going to use to direct people to this post so that I don't ever have to type this again because it has taken a loooong time as I am not a fast texter and don't have access to my computer where I am a fast typist. In the future, I can just say, "click on this hashtag for a description of a method that a lot of us use and swear by: #allaboutthestackmethod I am going to post this under my name as a new message so that I can also say "look for my name in the search results." And, if people click on my profile, they will be able to find it there, too, since only original posts show up in your profile, not your comments. Phew! I am beat! A long message, but hopefully worth your time to read all the way to the end as using the Stack Method will save you so much time in the future. Am I right, ladies and gentlemen? Leave your comments and testimonials here to let frustrated email users know if they will like it. Christy out. Update: In reading the comments, I noticed people are doing a #hashtag followed by either "bookmarkdeb" or "save4lorie," etc. That is a great tip if you want to be able to find a post later to do since we can't save posts or bookmark in the app since it doesn't have that capability. Thanks, @Lorie Gibson and @Deb Ekstrand for the reminder. I think it was either @Angele or @Diana Mas who first figured out this work-around.

Posted by Christy Underwood at 2023-03-30 04:29:58 UTC